Paintbrush Diplomacy
Online Art Collection and Museum

We’re pleased to have you join us here at the Paintbrush Diplomacy’s Children’s Art Collection! This site was created to serve three very important functions:

  • To enable Paintbrush Diplomacy’s home, California State University East Bay, to make this art available not only to its faculty and students and to local schools and art programs, but to arts programs, youngsters and educators worldwide.  The curriculum it develops to accompany the art reflects not only its relationship with local schools, but also feedback received from the worldwide programs that interact with this site.
  • To stimulate and share ideas for integrating art into school curriculum.  Multiple goals of art integration include stimulation of the processes needed to be creative in any endeavor, and  motivation to learn new skills.  (See current examples of Paintbrush’s art integration projects).
  • To catalog the vast collection of outstanding children’s art collected over the decades by Char and Rudy Pribuss, and, later, the Paintbrush Diplomacy Foundation, in a way that enables art teachers to select examples by country, age of artist, medium and theme.

To that end, we have eschewed the traditional database tables we had originally planned to use for cataloging, preferring instead to directly publish images of children’s art in searchable blog post format – both as individual art pieces, and in small galleries, or groupings, when closely related by a given theme or commonality (e.g., a “War” theme, or possibly the age of a group of artists).

To each image we post is appended all relevant data: country of origin, gender and age of the artist, and (where available) the original title of the painting.  Many of these categories or tags are searchable and are listed throughout the site, so you can call up all relevant images at any time. Check out the Search for Art! page to learn how to start your search!

Feel free to comment as allowed on the pages and posts, and we’ll do our best to respond if needed. If you would like to contact us for more information on licensing or use of any of these images, go to our Contact Us page and fill out the requested information in our brief contact form, and someone will get back to you.

Thanks for your interest in the Paintbrush Diplomacy Program and the children’s art represented here in our online museum.