Mt. Eden High School, Hayward, CA

At Mt. Eden High School in Hayward, California, art teacher Geoff Landau has created a fantastic real-life gallery that changes themes regularly. The current theme is Day of the Dead, or more exactly, Dio de los Muertos. In it he shows, among other things, the progression from learning a fairly simple set of art skills to creating works of considerable skill and imagination.

Landau’s approach to teaching art underscores a key concept that Paintbrush Diplomacy tries to emphasize: producing something artistic embodying skill and imagination, is a process – not a mysterious flash of genius.

In Landau’s view, this is a process whose elements are described as “studio habits of mind” which are fundamental to being an artist, scientist, writer, musician, dancer, or any other kind of creator. (See attached description of studio habits.)

Thus, in addition to the actual galleries of artwork created at Mt. Eden, we will also be showcasing examples of the way Landau’s students have gone from simple learning to artistic achievement.  We invite you to visit the drop-down links from the Mt. Eden menu tab, and – as always – give us feedback whenever you feel like it!