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Our online museum currently consists of over 1,000 pieces of children’s art, and is always growing as interesting new pieces are submitted.

There are several ways that you may access the children’s art on this website:

  • Using the drop-down menu from the navigation bar across the top of any page:
    • CHOOSE COUNTRY or THEME GALLERIES to select from a drop-down menu of image galleries for fast, easy browsing.
  • Using the search column to the right of any page, choose one of 3 ways to find your image(s):
    • CATEGORY (Artist’s experience, age, or medium)
    • IMAGE FILE NUMBER (e.g., 170-1)
    • KEYWORD (Choose by free-association)





These are gallery groupings of PBD images based on both countries and themes. Just choose your gallery from the drop-down menu provided in the horizontal navigation bar at the top of any page. In these galleries, it’s easy to browse by clicking on any image you like.


Simply choose one of the predefined categories listed in the right-hand page column. Categories include the age range of the artist (if known), child artists who are experienced or inexperienced, and the medium in which the artwork was created . Clicking on any of these categories will call up all images listed under that category. Click on individual images to enlarge.


If you have a specific file number, simply key it in the Search Box indicated in the right-hand column. Press the Enter Key to call up the image(s) that have that specific numeric string attached. Click on individual images to enlarge.


A more free-ranging way to search for an image is to browse the available keyword listed in the right column under KEYWORD. Not all keywords may be shown, so try your own if you are unsure.


Happy Hunting!